05 December 2006

riding a wave of positive feedback...

Thank you, everyone. Your particpation and support inspire me:

Maribeth Swan: a truly special night, and you could feel the love in the room, for you and the project. the film itself tells such a heartfelt and honest truth about an American way of life, almost obsolete, and I loved the idea of you showing this in the [Far] East... where everyone thinks of us as corporate mongers... would be interested to hear about the reponse it gets internationally!

Cass Sapir
: Great film last night. I knew it would be well edited and a compelling story, but I had no idea the depth you would go to reveal the characters. You mentioned Studs Turkel. I just finished rereading "Working"... it was right along those lines.

Adam Carlson: Thanks for inviting me to share in the unveiling of this project, hopefully one of many... It reminded me so much of my first job on my friend's dairy farm and how that family took me in as another son to them. It brought back some warm memories. I could definitely see this as an educational/historical piece and hope you succeed.

Josh Gigantino: I'm really impressed with both American Fair and how you put your support network together. You know I'm from that area [York County], right? The kids from Shapleigh all go to my old high school, Massabesic. It's great seeing someone pay attention to the farmers back home.

I'm decompressing today. Cleaning-up and re-organizing. I somehow thought that this project would be over after last nights show... but it seems that this is just the beginning.

I see someone found the comment button, on the previous "SHOWTIME!" post. How interesting...

04 December 2006


Perfect night for a movie. Just a few hours from now we'll be gathered, well-fed, warm and cozy at the AMERICAN FAIR "barn-raising" movie event. And the Tibetan troubador will begin...

The phone is jing-jing-jingling. People are coming! I AM PSYCHED!

Look here, the event is OPEN TO ALL. So many people have rolled up their sleeves and lent a hand that the "barn-raising" is nearly complete. And tonight just might put us over the top. Now it is time to celebrate your support and have a good time...

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. The screening is casual. You can "pitch-in" with a small donation at the door - or just stroll right in! The film will be playing anyhow. It's all about community, right? Bring your conversation and goodwill. Come on in from the cold!

Thanks to Ty Burr of the Globe for mentioning our show in his Movie Nation blog. [Side Kick is still showing Friday's picks...]

03 December 2006

Maps and Directions

I drive to Maine today. Final day of preparation for the screening on Monday night. 2 hours north to get some milk from Ridley Farm. Borrow some handsome farm tools from the Roberts. I'll pick up the hay from Winston's on Monday morning. When is the snow arriving?

Mon Night Screening @ JTOB: 255 Elm Street, Somerville, Davis Square
Driving directions from Acton, ME to "barn-raising" in Somerville.

01 December 2006

And licking my chops...

BOW WOW WOW. Yesterday Valerie from REDBONES Barbecue & Southern Hospitality (Davis Square, Somerville) called me back...

"I just wanted to give you a call and let you know that the donation request for your film HAS BEEN APPROVED!..."

REDBONES will provide tasty ribs, corn, cornbread and pies! (My mouth is watering...) Ridley Farm in Maine will provide farm-fresh milk! With all this support, our "barn-raising" event will be a cornucopia of food, music and film.

AMERICAN FAIR represents the best of what this coutry is all about -- neighbors helping neighbors -- it is a beautiful film and poised to succeed. Join us, roll-up your sleeves, pitch-in and feast on Monday night!