27 November 2006

I'm dancing a jig...

The screening and fundraising event going to be GREAT! The project is gaining momentum. I am excitied to be connecting with people who believe in this film.

AVID Technology agreed to support the doc. They called the day before Thanksgiving. Nice timing and nice news. Ridley Farm of Shapleigh, Maine will provide some of the sweetest milk you ever tasted for our event. Sherman Cafe in Union Square will be providing coffee for our party! Thanks Everybody. I'll tell you about our other food sponsors soon. Hope you're hungry!

And look, I received the new postcards this morning...

19 November 2006

Q: How do I pitch-in? (ticketing info)

A: If you are interested in attending the Somerville premiere and/or pitchin'-in, please download the invitation, print and send to:

Rick Widmer/ lakefilm
21 Prospect Hill Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143

Or contact me directly: 617 290 5404, or write to rick@lakefilm.com

The suggested donation is $100. But don't let the pricetag scare you away! I want to share this film. One large, one yard, a sawbuck, two bits - come one, come all.

12 November 2006

Barn-raising and Somerville sneak-preview!

Join us at the Boston-area premier of American Fair:

Monday, December 4th @ 7pm at Jimmy Tingle's Off-Broadway Theater in Davis Square. [map]

The event is a virtual barn-raising - a film screening and fundraiser - to support the American Fair documentary. I am hoping to find one-hundred supporters willing to pitch in $100, but you can give less... or more!

The American Fair film is beautiful and worthy, documenting a community of hard-working farmers facing a vanishing way of life, their commitment to tradition and community. The project is starting to build momentum. I am getting lots of help from friends and family. Local businesses are beginning to offer their support. As a Somerville-born filmmaker, I am encouraged by the way my community is pitching-in.

My goal is to enhance the 87 minute festival film with an improved audio mix, create an educational classroom version (under 60 minutes) and a curriculum guide to help teachers use the film. American Fair will compete at film festivals across the country and around the world. The film will be offered for broadcast and international distribution.

Just three weeks until the big night! I am busy planning a fun event, with special guests, food and drinks. Help me spread the word. Have a suggestion, ideas or questions? Please contact me: rick at lakefilm dot com

Hope you can join us at the premiere!