21 September 2006

American Fair trailer and intro

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AMERICAN FAIR is about farm families. It is a simple story of companionship and rivalry, human relationships and the emotional connection of people to their farmland.

Made collaboratively with the York County Agricultural Association, the film centers around Nick Ridley, a farmer's son, entering his senior year of high school, working in his father's dairy, and getting cows ready for the show-ring. His girlfriend Tiffany helps him with his chores and they contemplate the future. Will he stay on the farm?

The story takes place in one of the one of the earliest European agricultural settlements in the New World, York County in Maine. But farming there today is a challenging way to make a living. But the community pulls together to continue their annual tradition: the Acton Fair.

The AMERICAN FAIR doc is my first independently produced, directed and edited project. The original musical score was composed and performed by guitarist Emre Yilmaz. The film is being submitted to festivals in the USA, Europe and internationally, seeking screening opportunities and commercial distribution.

I am currently seeking funding for final color-correction, an improved audio mix and foreign language translation. A premiere edition DVD is on sale at www.lakefilm.com

Many, many thanks to all of the people who shared their time and patience while helping me learn how to throw hay, shovel gutters, sort ribbons, judge cattle and assemble a Ferris wheel. I had so much fun at the fair. I feel honored to have been part of this year’s work and festivities. Thank you.