17 October 2006

feels like the first time

NH Film Expo was good. American Fair played Saturday morning. Watching the film with an audience in a theater was a thrill.

The film recieved great praise from the audience during the Q & A. One of the nicest comments came from Dan Hannon, that the film had "heart".

I met the director of the Philadelphia Film Festival and a Film Threat exec. I also had many nice though brief encounters with local film execs, producers and directors. It seems that there is some local money interested in making films, and a growing number of film-makers with New England roots or connections.

The opportunity to show my film, listen to feedback, and meet new friends with a passion for film gives me encouragement. American Fair is special.

I'm currently arranging local and regional screenings for American Fair, and awaiting decisions from upcoming film fests. Stay tuned!

09 October 2006

HOORAY! New Hampshire

American Fair plays New Hampshire Film Expo. Saturday morning, 10:30am at the Portsmouth Music Hall.

Map of Music Hall:603-436-2400 28 Chestnut St
Portsmouth, NH 03801, US

And a recent Boston Globe story about the NHFX mentions American Fair.

Pretty early in the morning! Hope some people come to see the film.

08 October 2006

seeking finishing funds

Three quick ideas:

1). Editing is complete, music is finished. Film festival submission process has begun. American Fair is seeking finishing funds for final audio mix and color-correction.

2). You can support the project and purchase a premiere edition American Fair DVD from my lakefilm.com website.

3). I would also like to hold a film-sceening/fund-raiser in the Boston area before the end of October. But I have not found the right place yet. If you have any ideas, drop me a line: rick at lakefilm dot com.