31 January 2007

Earring: lost and found

This pretty earring was found on the floor while picking up after the show. Does anyone recognize me? Please contact Rick to claim me.

Music for film

The music for the American Fair documentary was composed and performed by Emre Yilmaz. Thank you, Emre.

Emre is from Istanbul, Turkey. He is a conservatory-trained classical guitarist. Today he lives in NYC. Emre's beautiful sounds and structures broadened the film's American themes. And give the film a life of its own.

Take a bow, Emre. You deserve it.

The milk is gone...

The farm fresh milk is long gone. Almost two months have passed since the preview screening of American Fair on that cold Monday in early December. But I haven't forgotten the night. The moon was full. A great vibe was flowing in the theater. I am behind on my thank you notes to everyone. But here is a quick wrap:

The “barn-raising” event was 100% successful, raising over 10K for the completion of the project. The room was packed. Face after face of my closest friends, family and supporters. Rosalie Barnes hosted. She is a lifelong friend. Pempa Tsering played three Tibetan tunes to open the performance, bless the audience and the film. New faces too. Redbones restaurant donated a feast of ribs. Sherman’s CafĂ© contributed coffee. I expressed my thanks to all and we played the film.

And people loved it!
During a question and answer session the second person to speak was a woman named Cynthia Close. She praised the film up and down, and linked my work to a string of the greatest American documentary film makers of all time, and tossed me a softball question about influences in my work. (I answered with Studs Terkel, Wim Wenders, Len Kamerling). Well the amazing thing is — she runs a distribution company called Documentary Educational Resources, she is an expert, and has offered a contract with DER to distribute American Fair!